Macmillan Community Wellbeing Officer

Salary: Salary: £18,500 – £20,000 (6 month probationary period) 16 month fixed term contract

Hours: 37.5 hours per week

Place of work: Liverpool City Region

Purpose of post:

Working in partnership with Liverpool Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) and funded by Macmillan Cancer Support this two year project aims to revolutionise the care provided to people living with a cancer diagnosis and their carers in the Liverpool area.

The project will connect patients with community based support that will complement the care provided by clinicians. The aim of the project is to help patients to identify and address any needs that may be impacting on health and wellbeing. Moreover, the project will help patients to rediscover and reconnect with their strengths and talents to help make friendships, learn new skills, build confidence and get the best out of life.

We’re looking for four passionate Community Wellbeing Officers to join our organisation and help us to bring about this extraordinary opportunity working with the Liverpool community. If you are a positive, energised and entrepreneurially minded person then we want you to apply today. If you are passionate about helping people to get the best out of life and if you can help someone to stay strong during difficult times then this is right job for you.

Key responsibilities:

  • Provide one to one community based support to patients living with a diagnosis of cancer and their carers. Focusing specifically on the social dimensions of health and supporting patients to make positive lifestyle changes.
  • Provide group based educational and hobby and interest activities and programmes that enable people to learn new skills, make friends, build resilience and have fun.
  • To act as a ‘navigator’ and connect patients to a range of support services to address issues that may be impacting on patient and carer wellbeing.
  • To work with patients and carers to ensure the service is meeting the needs of this group. Recognising patients and carers as ‘assets’ who have a vital role to play in designing and delivering the service.
  • Collaborate with a wide range of partner organisations to deliver community based initiatives that aim to improve the health and wellbeing of the community.
  • To monitor and record patient outcome data to determine the impact of the service. This will include telephone consultations with patients.
  • To recruit, train and support a team of volunteers who will support the delivery of the service and help to kick start a social movement for health in Liverpool
  • Uphold Wellbeing Enterprises CIC’s core values: People Power, Positive Places and Productive Partnerships

The details contained within this job description reflect the content of the job at the date it was prepared. However, it is inevitable that, over time, the nature of the job may change. Existing duties may no longer be required and other duties may be gained without changing the general nature of the post or the level of responsibility entailed. Consequently, we will expect to revise this job description from time to time and will consult the post holder/s at the appropriate time.

Date prepared: 15/06/2017

Closing date is Thursday 3rd May (5.00pm)

To apply please download an application form on the right hand side of this page and return to

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