Community Wellbeing Project Lead – Children and Young People

We’re looking for a passionate and empathic individual with qualifications and/or experience in youth and/or community-led work to play a crucial role in the delivery of a Children in Need three year funded project that will support children and young people to improve their mental health and wellbeing.

Key responsibilities:
•Building young people’s emotional health & resilience.
• To support children and young people to co-design and delivery a range of creative and educational projects using asset based community approaches.
• To support children and young people to hold community resilience events to showcase their talents, skills and experience. Building young people’s life skills and promoting self-efficacy
• Deliver a rolling programme of psycheducation and social inclusion programmes designed to reduce symptoms of mental illness and promote wellbeing to young people across Halton.
• To train young people to co-deliver life skill courses to other young people.
•Developing young people’s transferable skills
• To recruit, induct, train and support young people as peer mentors to support the delivery of the project.
• To deliver a community navigation service which entails developing personalised wellbeing plans with children and young people and connecting them to a raft of community based support to help them get their needs met.

Supporting project delivery
• To liaise with a broad array of stakeholders from the statutory, community and VCSE sector in Halton and to form partnerships that support the delivery of the project.
• To ensure the collation of all monitoring and evaluation data to demonstrate to funders the impact of health and wellbeing activities using a range of validated qualitative and quantitative methods.
• To assist with the monitoring and reporting of progress against key milestones and targets specified in plans.
• To assist with the monitoring of expenditure and to work within specified budgets to achieve key targets.

General Responsibilities
• To act as a Wellbeing Champion and to use all available opportunities to promote health and wellbeing principles across a broad array of sectors.
• Display a commitment to equality of opportunity and to develop an in depth knowledge of the way in which broader determinants impact upon the health and wellbeing of local communities.
• To undertake all training related to Child Protection and Safeguarding and commit to abiding by all Wellbeing Enterprises CIC policies and procedures to protect the welfare of young people and volunteers.
• Uphold Wellbeing Enterprise’s CIC’s core values: People, Place, Productivity and Partnerships.

Closing date is Wednesday 11th July at 5PM

To download an application pack please see related downloads on the right of this page

The details contained within this job description reflect the content of the job
at the date it was prepared. However, it is inevitable that, over time, the nature
of the job may change. Existing duties may no longer be required and other
duties may be gained without changing the general nature of the post or the
level of responsibility entailed. Consequently, we will expect to revise this job
description from time to time and will consult the post holder/s at the
appropriate time.
Date prepared: 10/11/17

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